Audio Brands Australia is proud to represent the following companies:


Italian based FBT have been designing and manufacturing professional audio products since 1963. Best known for their innovative and class-leading self-powered speakers, FBT now offer a full range of loudspeakers covering the installation, portable sound, DJ and live sound markets.

The FBT product range includes ceiling speakers, bar/café speakers, outdoor speakers, passive and steerable column speakers as well as a full range of portable products for production and live sound applications. Most FBT systems are built entirely in-house using predominantly European components, including B&C drivers in many of their products. Their design techniques, build quality, and testing processes are amongst the best in the industry.

MIPRO was founded in 1995 and is Taiwan’s leading manufacturer of Wireless Microphones and Portable PA Systems. All products are manufactured in MIPRO’s own world-class facility in Chiayi, Taiwan, and available in other 80 countries. The company enjoys a reputation for quality, innovation and reliability. In addition to Wireless Microphones and Portable PA Systems, the range also includes Wireless Tourguide & Language Translation systems, Digital IEM and ENG systems, plus a full range of accessories including Antenna Distribution.

Univox, the world's leading producer of high quality induction loop systems, created the very first true constant current loop amplifier in 1969. Long-term dedication to R&D has positioned Univox at the forefront of the induction loop industry. A combination of high voltage, high current and durable products, along with a powerful on-line loop design tool, make Univox unparalleled in the world.

The Univox range covers the whole spectrum including counter loops, domestic loops, portable loop systems, professional perimeter, figure 8, low-spill and ultra low-spillloop systems, copper foil tape, warning tape, a very quick to use field strength meter and a listener/loop testing device.

The Bosch Commercial Audio line-up includes a wide range of feature packed 100V line mixer amplifiers, power amplifiers, ceiling speakers, horn speakers, sound projectors, paging microphones and wireless microphones.

The range also includes the Plena Matrix DSP based zone paging and music distribution system. Perfect for clubs, bars and fitness centres.

US manufacturer Earthworks is best known for their very high-end studio, live and measurement microphones and has recently applied that technology to the installation market.

The installation range includes choir mics, gooseneck mics, as well as mics designed to be mounted into conference tables or ceilings. The latest additions to the Installed Sound line include gooseneck and boundary microphones, which are available with the LumiComm Touch Ring―a dual-color LED with touch sensor output which can be seamlessly integrated with third-party control systems.

The Pro-Audio range includes measurement mics, instrument mics, vocal, choir and gooseneck mics, as well as video conference and boardroom microphones. The line-up also includes the Earthworks Zero Distortion preamps.

Earthworks was founded in 1995 by David Blackmer, the engineer behind dbx (David Blackmer eXpander). Earthworks mics feature superior impulse response, quicker diaphragm settling time, extended frequency response, near perfect polar response, high SPL handling and low distortion. Earthworks set the standard for measurement mics as well as being used extensively in studios, churches, corporate facilities, and touring the world with leading artists and production companies.

Made in the US. Up to a 10 year warranty. The benchmark for installation, measurement, studio and live sound microphones.

Linea Research are a UK manufacturer of this very well featured range of power amplifiers, designed by a team who have been behind some of the industry's most iconic products. 

All Linea Research power amps are 4 or 8 channel with integrated DSP and optional Dante/AES67. The range includes amplifiers for both the touring and installed sound markets. 

The Alfatron The range includes USB Cameras and speakerphones, PTZ Cameras, AV over IP, HDMI Extenders, Splitters, Matrix Switchers and Presentation Switchers. Additionally, a range of USB extension cables, HDMI cables (inc fibre) and audio de-embedders are available.

The range will expand further in the coming months with the inclusion of some unique audio products. The Alfatron catalogue has evolved extensively since the brand came to market over 7 years ago and is distributed in Europe, South Africa and the USA – and now in Australia and New Zealand. All products are covered by a 7-year warranty.

The NETGEAR Pro AV line of switches is designed specifically for AV over IP applications. The range is certified for use with many of the world’s leading manufacturers of AV over IP end-points.

Via the installer friendly UI, you simply assign each port for DANTE, Q-SYS, AES-67, AVB, NDI etc. There are many additional AV friendly features of the NETGEAR line, designed to take the complexity out of configuring managed switches and multiple VLAN’s.